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Backups are crucial!- Backups are crucial whether you are an individual working professional or a company. On a larger scale or on a small scale, data backups is an operation that is must to be carried out by companies as well as individuals to prevent their data from being lost permanently. This loss is averted if you regularly backup your crucial files and create a second copy of it on your system, so even if the first original copy is damaged or lost or deleted, you still have an option to repair the BKF from the second copy i.e. the backed up data copy.

Windows BKF Files - If you take the backup of your crucial data using the built-in NTBackup utility provided to Windows users, then you will have a BKF file formed out of it. For later versions of Windows, though this utility is not built-in, but you can always download it free of cost from the Microsoft website. Also, if you use VERITAS, the outside tool for creating backup, still you will receive a file with the same BKF extension.

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Our advanced BKF recovery software works best for all kinds of BKF files, those created using NTBackup utility or even created using VERITAS backup utility tool. You will find this free bkf repair tool to be truly amazing and you will greatly benefit out of it if you are the unfortunate one whose BKF file has also got corrupted due to some mishap. This free Windows backup restore tool can recover all sorts of files, whatsoever have been backed up by you like documents of MS Word, presentation files of PowerPoint in PPT format, image files like JPEG, GIF etc., Excel spreadsheets with XLS extension and even xlsx extension as in the new MS Office versions.

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BKF Recovery Video

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"I am pleased to write a testimonial about the excellent BKF repair software. The Free BKF recovery application works on fully automated mode and did not weight me a lot. It repaired my corrupted BKF files quickly. Thanks to the client support team as well who have listened to my troubles and guided me during the recovery process."

– Hobcans, USA